Mini Cupcakes


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All mini cupcakes are adorned with Valrhona chocolate pearls.


We have a selection of 9 buttercream flavours to be frosted with your favourite mini cupcake:

Vanilla bean – The timeless classic flavour. Finest Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans are used for the buttercream.

Horlicks – The nostalgic childhood favourite: Horlicks (malted milk) buttercream.

Chocolate – Valrhona chocolate buttercream for chocolate lovers.

Salted caramel – Buttercream infused with the homemade salted caramel sauce using Maldon sea salt flakes.

Coffee cream – For the coffee lovers. Kahlua coffee liquor infused buttercream.

Elderflowers – The floral and refreshing notes of this buttercream is best pair with our lemon cake which gives you a taste of English country side.

Bandung & rose – The romantic pale pink buttercream infused with bandung syrup and rose water.